Crystal Meaning

  • Amethyst - Relieves stress and dispels anger, rage, fear, and anxiety. It enhances memory and relieves insomnia. (Crown, Purple)

  • Blue Apatite - Brings creativity, motivation, and personal power. (Third Eye & Throat, Blue)

  • Blue Goldstone - Transmits healing energy, increases self-acceptance, and aids in soothing hypersensitivity. (Crown & Heart, Dark Blue)

  • Blue Tiger Eye - Enhances integrity, willpower, and self-confidence. (Third Eye & Throat, Blue)

  • Carnelian - Purifies and stimulates sex chakra. (Sacral, Red)

  • Cat Eye - Installs clear thinking, confidence, and willpower. (Third Eye, Yellow)

  • Chrysoprase - Aids relaxation and promotes peaceful sleep. (Heart, Light Green)

  • Citrine - Cleanses the chakras and energizes and aids digestion. (Solar Plexus, Yellow)

  • Dumortierite - Assists inner guidance and clears blocked, suppressed emotions through intuitive knowledge and visualization of a clear way forward. (Third Eye & Throat, Light Blue)

  • Evil Eye - Provides protection and brings luck, wealth, prosperity, and abundance. (Third Eye, Blue/White)

  • Fire Quartz - Cleans anxiety, mental distraction, fear, and doubt. (Root, Red/Clear)

  • Goldstone - Encourages motivation, confidence, and ambition. (Root, Brown)

  • Iolite - Offers perspective and self-assurance. Encourages creative self-expression. (Third Eye & Throat, Blue)

  • Jade - Brings good fortune to all aspects of life. (Heart, Green)

  • Jasper - Protects and supports endurance and physical strength.

  • Larimar - Relieves stress and helps promote clear communication. (Heart, Throat & Third Eye, Light Blue)

  • Malachite - Balances mood swings. (Throat & Heart, Dark Green)

  • Moonstone - Restores emotional balance and hormones and aids the digestive system. (Crown, Clear/White)

  • Peach Aventurine - Promotes patience, tranquility, creativity, and imagination. (Sacral & Solar Plexus, Peach)

  • Rhodochrosite - Boosts self-worth, enabling unconditional love and respect. (Heart, Pink/White/Green)

  • Rhodonite - Supports emotional healing. (Heart, Pink)

  • Rose Quartz - Enhances self-love. (Heart, Pink)

  • Sodalite - Brings mental clarity, trust, truth, patience, and respect. (Third Eye & Throat, Blue)

  • Tiger Eye - Restores confidence. (Root, Brown)

  • Turquoise - Relieves exhaustion, depression, and panic attacks. (Throat, Blue)

  • Unakite - Improves physical well-being and helps achieve goals. (Third Eye, Green/Pink)

Crystal Healing Disclaimer

The information provided about the metaphysical properties of our crystals is for reference purposes only. It is based on a combination of research on how gemstones have been used by different cultures throughout history. We do not advise using crystals as a substitute for conventional medical or psychological treatment and do not make any claims that they can cure or heal medical conditions. It is important to always follow the advice of your medical professional and use crystals only as a complementary therapy in addition to medical treatment.

Special care instructions

How to maintain the energy and integrity of your Desert Solstice Jewelry:

  • Avoid exposing the jewelry to water or moisture: Water and moisture can damage the crystals and metals in the jewelry, so it's essential to avoid exposing the pieces to them. This means taking off the jewelry before swimming, showering, or washing your hands.

  • Store the jewelry properly: When not in use, we recommend storing the jewelry in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and other sources of heat. We also recommend keeping the jewelry in a protective pouch or box to prevent scratches and damage.

  • Clean the jewelry regularly: To keep the jewelry looking its best, we recommend cleaning it regularly with a soft cloth. For more stubborn stains or dirt, you can use a mild soap and water solution, but be sure to dry the jewelry thoroughly afterward.

  • Recharge the crystals: Over time, the energy of the crystals in the jewelry may become depleted. To recharge them, you can place the jewelry in the sunlight or moonlight for a few hours, or you can bury it in the earth for a day or two.

By following these care instructions, customers can help maintain the energy and integrity of their crystal bead jewelry, ensuring that it continues to provide healing and positive energy for years to come.

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